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Messsage From Chairman

Bijay Lama

Dear parents and students,

I am pleased to introduce our organization KVEC consultancy on behalf of all members of staff and the board of directors. It is Nepal based educational consultancy which provides professional consulting services to Nepalese students who want to pursue overseas education. It is fine stop solution for all your overseas education related problems.

Our highly professional, dedicated and committed team strives to achieve excellence in the field of overseas education and i am honored to be the leader of this team. Our professional and helpful team, experienced counselors, personal attention, factual information, and accountability enables us for smooth and hassle-free process for all the perspective students. I assure that at KVEC, whatever your personal goals are, you will be able to find customized solutions which match your dreams and goals. I want to assure that you are in safer hands and will help you in every possible way to make your dreams come true.

I hope that through this message I am able to deliver information about different aspects of KVEC consultancy. However, words are not substitute for firsthand experience, so I warmly request you to visit our office personally and experience directly what makes us so special and different. We look forward to welcoming you KVEC and help you to turn your ambition into reality.

Searching for the best consultancy ?

Look no further. We are Here to solve all your problems & get advice from our expert counsellors.