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Why Study in Australia?
Studying in Australia from Nepal is the best decision you ever made. The Australian education system provides primary, secondary, and tertiary education. If you are considering studying in Australia you should know, the quality of education is world-class and is in very high demand. Australia is a safe, multicultural, and internationally recognized environment for further education, innovative research, and intensive culture. International recognition has positioned Australia as a leading provider of top-quality education to international students from all over the world. Studying in Australia from Nepal benefits you with the alliance of 7 universities. These Innovative research universities are focused on the translations and commercialization of research on issues of critical importance to the communities in which they are based and addressing problems of national and global scale.
If you are interested in studying in Australia then you are taking one step closer to choosing a truly fruitful academic experience. Australia is a fully developed, growing economy with a safe, tolerant and multicultural society. Students will find studying in Australia a relaxed, welcoming, and engaging environment that is unique in the native English speaking world. Having some of the world’s top Universities as its assets; the country offers the best educational environment for international students. There are over 22000 courses and 1100 institutions that span over more than 29 study areas like language, nursing, medicine, engineering, art, business, etc.

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Australian Universities provide consultancy services to both business and industry, and are the main source of advice for the Government and the community in general on a large number of issues and topics, they are closely involved with local and wider communities. Diversity and autonomy are central features of Australian universities. Each institution has the freedom to specify its own mission, purpose, modes of teaching, research, the makeup of its student body, and the range of content of its educational programs. This variety is reflected in university goals and objectives, staff profiles, and the emphasis placed on particular courses at different universities.
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